Lets Talk

A Soror of mine posted this link today on Facebook.  http://globalgrind.com/content/901458/Shes-Pretty-For-A-DarkSkinned-Girl/

And since this has been said to me on several occasions I want to have an open discussion in regards to what you, my readers, think of this!!!  So lets read the article together today and discuss it throughout the remaining of the week!

The blogger is such a sweet person for not wanting to hurt other people feelings.  However in this blog we are going to be out and open and we won’t care who feelings are hurt!  So put your feelings way below your shoulder area.  We are all grown so lets talk about the subject and not at each other when you leave your comments.

Remember I told you I would never cite something without letting you know where I get it from.  I also told you that this is my blog and that I will speak from me, San!!!

Ok go read the article and leave your comments please!



Today I began my 10 session workout with a personal trainer!  Oh my she is so precious and sweet!  She is the cutest little thang!!!  And guess what she is NOT gay!  Now to all of my gay friends I have NOTHING against you.  I just didn’t want a gay female as a trainer.  Do you and I’m going to do me!!!

Okay today we took it easy.  We did 10 minutes of cardio and then a 30 minute workout on legs, abs, and arms!!!  My personal trainer name is Diane!!  She has her own studio and I love it!!!  If you want to know more about her stay tuned because she will be on facebook in a minute.  If you can’t wait get at me and I will give you her contact.

Now work with me because you know when I get right I’m going to have an attitude.  Love me anyways okay!!!

Okay getting ready to go and take a bath and get in my KING size lovely bed!!!

Until my next blog; I’m out!!!

Hello world!

Welcome to my very 1st Blog site/page!  I’m so ready to get things going on here!  But first of all I want to let everyone know that whatever is posted on this site is the opinions of myself!  If something has been researched and documented I will site the source(s).  If there are no citation then trust that the reading is from me, San!!!

Also please free to give me your feed back!  I hear ALL things however I ONLY hold fast to that that is true and real!!!  Now lets get it started!!!