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Lets Talk

A Soror of mine posted this link today on Facebook.

And since this has been said to me on several occasions I want to have an open discussion in regards to what you, my readers, think of this!!!  So lets read the article together today and discuss it throughout the remaining of the week!

The blogger is such a sweet person for not wanting to hurt other people feelings.  However in this blog we are going to be out and open and we won’t care who feelings are hurt!  So put your feelings way below your shoulder area.  We are all grown so lets talk about the subject and not at each other when you leave your comments.

Remember I told you I would never cite something without letting you know where I get it from.  I also told you that this is my blog and that I will speak from me, San!!!

Ok go read the article and leave your comments please!


Comments on: "Lets Talk" (2)

  1. Hey San,
    I read the article. While I do agree that people will attribute negative qualities to darker skinned women or women that don’t have high pitched speaking voices, I was a bit surprised that people are still on that whole “pretty to be dark” thing. I grew up with that, but now I only hear positive things about how I look. I thought chocolate girls were in. At least in Chicago. What’s it like in Texas?

    • Sandra Parks said:

      Hey Goza,

      I’m not shocked at all after reading the article for there are still shallow folks in the world. However I have experienced people telling me that I’m a pretty chocolate girl. I never really paid it any mind b/c as you know I’m very self confident in who I am and what I look like. So the artlicle for me was a very good read and nope not all shocked.

      However as far as Chocolate girls being here in TX, hmmm I don’t know b/c I really don’t go out. Me personally if I see a sister that is pretty I tell her regardless to her complexion. In the eyes of men I honestly don’t think it matter.

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