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Today I began my 10 session workout with a personal trainer!  Oh my she is so precious and sweet!  She is the cutest little thang!!!  And guess what she is NOT gay!  Now to all of my gay friends I have NOTHING against you.  I just didn’t want a gay female as a trainer.  Do you and I’m going to do me!!!

Okay today we took it easy.  We did 10 minutes of cardio and then a 30 minute workout on legs, abs, and arms!!!  My personal trainer name is Diane!!  She has her own studio and I love it!!!  If you want to know more about her stay tuned because she will be on facebook in a minute.  If you can’t wait get at me and I will give you her contact.

Now work with me because you know when I get right I’m going to have an attitude.  Love me anyways okay!!!

Okay getting ready to go and take a bath and get in my KING size lovely bed!!!

Until my next blog; I’m out!!!


  1. Judith Fitzgerald said:

    Congratulations on the “new” start and the workout…I’m right there with you Soror…and by the way, when I get a personal trainer, I am going to make sure he is Flamin’ GAY! LOL! You are a NUT! I’m sure we’ll be talking on FB! Later….

  2. Congrats on the Personal Trainer. Let me know if she is expensive or not, I need to get my workout on so I can continue to be hot and sexy. HAHA. Skee-Wee My Soror, Skeee Weeee!!

  3. koffeespadiva said:

    You go girl.. This is great I know we are on different levels with tranformation but glad to see someone else going through it.

  4. Why is it that a sweet classy lady like yourself doing being lonely?

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