Thoughts, Ideas, and Concepts by Sandra Parks

Hello syberspace, friends, and family.  I know I’ve been gone for a while.  But I’m back (hopefully).  Just to let you know what I’ve been doing; I’ve been working, working out with a personal trainer, going to school, and raising my last two kids.  My oh my I’m tired but I must keep going.  And so must you.  We all get tired here and there but please don’t lose focus.  There is nothing wrong with being tired.  But there is something wrong with giving up. 

When you are feeling like you are tired and ready to give up just take a deep breathe and re-focus.    For if you don’t and you lose focus you will regret it later on.  Take your time and have a plan.  Write it down and make it clear.   Make it realistic so that you don’t get discouraged along the way.  But make it challenging enough that you will have to work to accomplish it.  You don’t really want it to be easy.  You may think that you do but you really don’t!

When you look back you want to see your work and how it was manifested.  You know, you want to be proud of what you’ve done.  So stay encouraged, work hard, and plan.  You know the good book says that “we parish because a lack of vision”.  Let’s not parish.  Lets have a vision and make it clear. 

Let me know what you are thinking.  Reach back out to me. 

Make this week an awesome week!  We are almost done!!!!


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