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Tax Season 2010

Ok as you all know I’ve started my own Tax Company, SAP Taxes.  I’ve been doing taxes now for 12 years.  It has ALWAYS been my dream to have my own tax company.  And now the Lord has allowed that to happen for me.  Within my company I will be able to do all tax returns to include business and state returns.  I will also be able to offer bank products just in case you don’t have the money up front to pay me.  The bank products that I will offer will be the Refund Anticipation Loan also known as the RAL and the Refund Anticipation Check also known as the RAC.  The difference in the two products is that the RAL is processed and you should get your money with 48 hours.  The RAC is the product that takes two weeks.  Both of these products can be directly deposited into your checking and/or savings account.  Both of these products are also loans.  Understand that when you get your money back in two days the bank is lending you your refund until the IRS processes your return.   It normally takes two weeks for the IRS to process your return thus the reason for the RAL.  Now what the bank does is scan your name and social security number against this database and if you don’t have any outstanding debt then they will process your RAL.  If they see a debt out there then they will deny your RAL and automatically turn your RAL into a RAC.  The RAC takes two weeks which is the same amount of time that the IRS takes to process your money.  So when the IRS releases your money to the bank they the bank will then release your money to you.

So you say why pay the extra cost for the RAC when it takes the same amount of time as the IRS?  The answer to that question is that some people don’t have the money to cover the cost of the electronic filing so they opt to have all the fees taken out of their return.

Tax season can be a very stressful time of the year for some because they don’t fully understand what they are doing.  And that is why SAP Taxes is in place.  I will be your tax expert if you allow me.  I have the experience.  I’ve worked for H&R Block for 5 years,  I’ve worked for Liberty Taxes for 5 years, and I worked for an independent tax company for the pass two years.  I’ve seen just about every tax situation that can exist.  I’ve worked with clients that have been audited.  I’ve helped people reduced their taxable income, and I’ve shown people how to maximize their returns.  Whatever the case maybe I’m sure that SAP Taxes can help you with your situation.

And keep your eyes and ears open.  SAP Taxes will also be around throughout the whole tax year to help you with your book keeping and your payroll issues as well.  Upon completion of my CPA I will be a full service accounting shop for many.  With all of this in mind please make sure that you get with me with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

You can reach me via cellular at 972.569.7938 or via email


Comments on: "Tax Season 2010" (3)

  1. I love this San, I would definitely love for you to do my taxes this coming year. You were wonderful with helping me last year with my taxes and your customer service great. Good Luck with everything as I know you will do very well.

  2. This sounds great! You are one, multi-talented lady! And busy, too.

  3. Sandra Parks said:

    Thanks Kim and Maura I really appreciate your comments.

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