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Magnificant Mondays!!!

For some Monday’s are dreaded days but for me its another Magnificant time to continue to prepare for success. See everyday that I’m allowed to see is another day for me to stay focused on what it is I want to do. My overall goal is to come out of corporate and make a living for me and my children on my own! Now don’t get me wrong corporate America is not a bad place. But it’s not what I want. I’m a carefree spirited person! I love to help others! I love the ability to just get up and go. I can’t take someone watching me go on lunch for a hour!!! UGH!!! But I’m not complaining!!!

At any rate let me encourage each of you to get out and explore! Dig deep down inside and figure out what it is you really like doing and step out on faith! Make sure you have paid off your bills though if you can. But go out and do what it is you really like doing. Even if it is the same thing that you are doing for your current employer do it for yourself! You can make much more and enjoy much more freedom doing it for yourself. It’s really not that hard. I’m a single parent of three and I enjoy doing my own thing!!

Stop by later on in the week and I’ll give you some more income tax information along with some much needed etiquette tips as well. 2010 is going to be a prosperous year for me and for you!!! Not making any new years resolutions either just speaking things into existence thats all.

Be blessed! You can look me up on facebook, LinkedIn, MSN Live or you can visit my website at or (coming soon) and one other project is coming soon too. You will hear about it really soon right here on my blog so stay tuned and keep coming back! I won’t disappoint you I promise. You can also reach me at 972.838.0106 or 972.569.7938.

As always be blessed!


Comments on: "Magnificant Mondays!!!" (2)

  1. I really admire your drive Sandra. It seems like you are always doing something and that is a good thing. I am reading your passage and actually feeling that a confirmation is being given to me. I knew that my injury was not allowed for nothing. It is amazing how God allowed a very active person like me to have to sit and listen. I know that I am a leader and I allow fear and lack of money keep me from taking that leap of Faith. My pastor has being teaching on getting rid of weights and yesterday he spoke on fear as a weight. Totally hitting home. I want to know what you know about writing because I am interested in writing a book. Any way you’re doing a great job.

    • DeKeisha,
      Girl we all have or shall have our season(s). Stay encouraged and keep your head up! He will get us one way or the other. And you know that the only person/thing that you should fear is Jesus. Everything else can be moved according to our faith!!! I’m glad that my blogs can help/inspire someone b/c that is what it is about!!!

      Check the site daily and I’m sure you will get something from each posting.

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