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Kwame Kilpatrick’s Lifestyle In Question

Kwame Kilpatrick just can’t seem to catch a break. The former Mayor of Detroit claims to have cleaned up his lifestyle and is on probation in Texas. Now he has 10 days to hand over financial records to prosecutors that claim he’s violated his probation and is hiding funds owed to his former city.

Since his infamous days in the headlines Kwame’s been relatively quietly. He’s been working as an account executive at Compuware Covisint in south Texas, concentrating on health care. Now after he’s been spotted driving around in “fancy cars” like his Cadillac Escalade and living in a million dollar mansion, prosecutors are curious.

Kilpatrick’s attorney is defending his client however saying that the Escalade was a “gift” and should not be reported to the city. No word on the mansion. Kilpatrick will have to make an appearance in court October 29 to clear his name.

When Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to charges of assault and obstruction of justice, he agreed to pay the city of Detroit $1 million in restitution while serving five years of probation. He’s been ordered to pay $6,000 a month toward his debt.


Comments on: "SMH" (2)

  1. C Braynen said:

    I am so disappointed in this guy. He didn’t need to be in a position of power and he got what he deserved in the end (i.e. jail time and losing his mayoral position). Look at Detroit. It’s in a crisis… literally. It’s a shame how it got there.

  2. S. Coggins said:

    There’s an old saying….”The duck was shot and cooked because he quacked!” When you are the loudest one in the room, (Cadillac Escalade, Mansion), you are bound to be noticed. He is such a freakin’ dumb idiot!

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