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Gays Happy, but For How Long?



You have to wonder sometimes how someone who is purportedly so intelligent can commit political suicide in so many ways.

Here is a man who promised something like stopping Don’t Ask during his campaign.

And rather than accomplishing something so simple early on, which many of us conservatives don’t really worry about, would have taken so little skull sweat.

I have very close friends and acquaintances who are gay and I think they are funny and fun to be around. Most of them are actually starting to understand that conservative doesn’t mean evil and anti gay – it means we can all get along, discuss issues without being shrill and that conservatism doesn’t mean we think all gay people should be shot.

In fact, most of us think that gay lifestyle is fine as long as they don’t do anything as annoying as coming around like some religions do and push their agenda down our throats.

I don’t like the religions doing it (and I am very religious – but I am very private as well) and I don’t support anyone else doing the same thing.

Is that cool with everyone?

If you’re religious – don’t judge. Live by the example you purport to support. Don’t tell people they are evil – let their choice be between them and the God you believe in. We certainly don’t know everything down here, and that certainly leaves human room for error on our judgment of people for any number of reasons.

Love your neighbor as yourself – that isn’t an option if you truly believe in what you espouse. It is the life that Christ told you to lead. If you believe in that, forgive what you see as a sin and move on. To hate the person because of the behavior is like someone hating you for YOUR core beliefs.

If someone is gay and conservative – don’t smack them down for their choice of sexuality. That’s ignorant and hatefilled and certainly doesn’t earn gold stars in heaven.

Don’t Ask was a silly thing to have in place. It is just as silly as saying that women who volunteer to go into the infantry shouldn’t be give a right to pass the same skillset tests that men do – and if they can tough out what are arduous tests (confidence course, crawl to earn your blue and such) then they have a right to carry a rifle and bleed for their country.

I wouldn’t want to have two men in the foxhole playing around on guard duty in a potential combat area, but really, do you think that they would be that stupid?

The same thing goes for a woman – if she proves she can hump a ruck 30 miles in hard, hot conditions – one that can weigh over 100 pounds, far be it from me to tell her she can’t do it. Just don’t turn around and try to say that they shouldn’t have to because they are women – I think we can agree to that.

I know some women I have met in my life that I would be happy to have next to me, and I certainly wouldn’t be thinking about them if I knew there was someone right over there ready to kill me. I’d be hoping she could shoot straight and reload quickly.

Get over it Mr. President. End the program now.

Let’s face it though, if you do – they might expect something else from you – and if you don’t stop this, you can always use this as a distraction to keep them from focusing on their beliefs about other this – fiscal responsibility, gun rights, etc.

I know my friends hanging around me are starting to listen and learn – and if everyone keeps waking up to being used by the progressives (you know – like that 45 year war on poverty – how’s that going by the way? After trillions thrown at that – any better yet?) they might see that you keep dangling carrots in front of them to stop them from realizing you are riding on their backs and actually doing things that they don’t support.

Help bring them around to our way of thinking folks – there’s no need for alienation, and the strife and strident stances drive them further from the light you are seeking to bring them to. Is that the way our Savior modeled his approach?

I say no. How say you?

This article was deep to me so I thought that I would share and see what sorts of comments that I would get from it!!!  What do you all think???


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