Thoughts, Ideas, and Concepts by Sandra Parks


OK are you ready to learn new, fun, and exciting words???  Today’s word is as follows;

brachylogy (bra-KIL-uh-jee) noun

  Conciseness of diction or an instance of such.

[From Medieval Latin brachylogia, from Greek brakhulogi, brakhu-,
brachy- (short) + -logy, from logos (word).]

-Anu Garg (words at

  “The term for the omission of words that are intended to be ‘understood’ by the reader is ellipsis. Its extreme or irregular form has a name in Greek rhetoric: brachylogy, relying on the listener to supply the missing   words, much as I relied on the reader to put a verb in the sentence fragment ‘A profound question, that.'”
  William Safire; Microwave of the Future; The New York Times; Oct 7, 1990.

Ok now please leave comments here using this word in a sentence.  I sure hope you enjoy this little exercise.



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