Networking is a powerful tool.  You’d be amazed at your contact inventory if you use it properly!  Did you realize that often times its not what you know but who you know?  I know that you have heard that saying before but do you honestly realize the power within that one little statement?

I had a conversation with my Sister this morning, Soror Jahari Soward.  The chick is sharp as heck.  You can learn more about what it is that she does at  But at any rate I wanted to stress the importance of real networking.  It’s not JUST about what you get from the people that you network with but its about the even exchange of good communication and resources that you give each other.

Your network can be worth value if you use and treat it properly.  It can take you to places that you NEVER thought that you could go.  It could put you in contact with people that you would have under normal circumstances not even thought about reaching out to.  If you are business minded it is very vital that you learn how to network.  Its imperative that you build your network on a firm and solid foundation.  Have some direction.  Know what it is that you want to do and go from there.  Of course you will make adjustments along the way but you have to first start.

I appreciate my conversation this morning with my sister.  It’s amazing how powerful knowledge truely is.  Not only have I began building a powerful network I’ve also become just that much more motivated to go after my dreams.

So if you want to learn more about blogging and/or building your network please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I can easily be reached by leaving a contact here on my blog and I promise you that I will get back with you. 

Your future relies on your ability to network, I promise!!!

Until next time make it a GRAND day!!!


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