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Are you a business owner?  Have you registered your business in your current state/county?  Have you applied for your EIN? An EIN is an employment identification number that is used instead of your social security number for your entity in most cases.

If you are a business owner the answer to these questions should be yes.  You must register your company in your local county and/or state.  You need to apply for your EIN.  After you do those two things you need to determine what type of company/buisiness/organization you will run.

Do you know some of the various entities that you can apply for?  If you need to know the difference between the various entities such as Sole Proprietor, LLP, LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp which are the most common used, please contact via leaving a message on here and I will contact you.

Until later,

Sandra A. Parks, SAP Taxes 972.569.7938


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