Losing a Furry Loved One

My brother texted me this morning at 4:30 AM and told me he lost his baby. He was a Bullmastiff. He had him for ten years. I know what he’s feeling. I’ve been there.

He told me his wife found him yesterday at the house around 6 PM. My heart goes out to him and the family. Me and Jason go a ways back. We studied for our CPA together. Spent a lot of late nights studying together and praying together. His wife and two children are simply beautiful. My heart goes out to them.

We hadn’t seen each other in years up until maybe May or June this year. When we met back up it was as if we had just seen each other. Our friendship is solid. He’s like my little BIG brother. He’s younger than me but the dude is HUGE! I named him Ham-hock years ago. If you would’ve seen him back then the name was fitting. He has since gotten with my ex-trainer and now he belongs on the GQ cover! 🤣🤣🤣. No, but for real, he’s taken his health more serious and now he looks awesome. I don’t know why it took him so long. His wife use to be a pharmacist and now she’s a RN. Both of them are super smart.

I’m so proud of him and how he’s maintained a marriage and family for 20 years and he’s only 38 himself. That’s not heard of these days. Anyways the news broke my heart. Those that know me know how I feel about the babies. I don’t meet strangers. He would tell me to stop messing with everybody dogs when we’d be out.

I lost my baby in 2009. I know what he’s experiencing. I found my baby on the street behind my house. He was torn in pieces. I tried to put him back together in the middle of the street. A sister that I went to church with was also a bus driver at my baby boy middle school. She found me in the middle of the road and helped me up. But she also told my son before I could tell him.

The pain of losing a furry loved one is devastating. I don’t wish it on no one. What do you say to a person that experiences this? I don’t know ! I told him I love him because I do and that I’m here for him and the family because I am. You know in life if you can’t be there for others you’re not living. I just don’t believe we’re here to build a fortune for ourselves and just live. I believe we are truly blessed to be a blessing. I really do.

Jason & Zeus

Zeus you were loved. You were Jason best bud. He spoke of you often. He thought you were THE man killer. He had mad love and respect for you. You will forever be a part of their lives. You are gone but NOT forgotten. We will celebrate your life. You will not be forgotten. Your memorial will be one of uplifting and love because that’s what you did. You Mr. Zeus, uplifted, protected, and loved the Moore family!

To the Moore family we furry lovers grieve with you. I love you and I’m here for you. Grieve. Remember. Do whatever it takes and for however long it takes.