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How to benefit from practicing proper Etiquette

I’m a professional woman and in doing all of my business transactions I want to exercise proper etiquette and I’m sure you do too.  Knowing how to communicate in a professional manner is very important.  Your communication skills will always be noticed.  So sharpening your communication skills both on a personal level and professional level will benefit you in so many ways.  Looking someone directly in the eyes when you talk to them is vital.  A firm handshake is also another vital concept to learn and grasp.  And of course we all know that “Thank You” goes a long way in both your professional and personal lives.

Are you interested in sharpen your etiquette skills both personally and professionally?  Here at The Sandra Parks School of Etiquette you can learn these skills and more.  Also are you aware that taking classes like these can also be tax write offs?  Contact me if you are interested in taking some classes and/or learning how these classes can be used on your tax return as a write off.

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