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Hey my friends and family,

How are you doing?  Well its Monday and what a beautiful Monday it is!

I won’t be long!  I just want to tell you about my weekend with my babies!  We went to New York Thursday and came back home Sunday.  We had a blast.  I saw New York in a different light this time!  Some of the places that we visited were Harlem, The Apollo Theatre, Soho (MY FAVORITE SPOT IN THE US NOW), Brooklyn, Little Italy, China Town, Queens, Ground Zero, Century 21 Department store, Bubba Gumps, ESPN Zone, Grand Station, Rockafella Center, Empire State Building, We actually walked the Brooklyn Bridge,5th Avenue, Columbus Circle, and so many other places.  I had never seen New York like this before.  We rode the subway the entire weekend.

I can’t wait to go back next year for the US Open!!!

How was your weekend?  Please leave me some comments and let me know how your weekend was.  Also tell me what you would like for me to blog about this week.

I miss you all!!!

Until tomorrow take care!!!


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