Bumping your head

There is a saying that goes something like this; “you can’t keep doing the same thing and look for different results.” Well I know this and I wholeheartedly believe in this saying. Question to self is, self! My self goes huh? Self says, ” why do you continue to do the same thing then?” My self goes I dont know. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. Is it only me? Am I the only crazy person around here?

I know better 99% of times I do something wrong or foolish. Like I have a strong mental but a soft heart. My heart makes me do things that my mental knows I shouldn’t. And not only that, the two of them have conversations with each other. And I’ll go a step further. My mental has conversations with my therapist too. So more times than not it’s mental two to the heart one. Somehow though the heart still gets me in trouble. So why? Why Sandra? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

First I heard, “girl when you turn forty you gone have this I don’t give a care attitude.” Well I’m closer to fifty than I am to forty and guess what? Yeap you guessed it. I still give a care. Still being lead by the heart when I honesty believe I’m the last one left in this world that follows that flow. So now I’m hearing, “girl when you turn 50 you really not gone give a care.” I’ll wait. Come back in a few years and I’ll update you as to if I’ve stopped giving a care. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Growth is interesting. Sometimes you may not even know that you’re growing based on how you’re feeling. But I believe although things may not be going as you planned, you are still growing. Sometimes things are just simply not as they appear. Life is funny. As Maze says, “you have to take the rain with the sunshine.” So it’s a rolling average in my opinion. You can’t just base growth on a particular situation. You know you fall down and get back up. The fall is what happened. But the get up is the action you take towards growth.

I’m silly. I laugh a lot. I’m a smiler. Is that a word? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔. Any who I’ve learned that situations that come in my life are not to destroy me. I’ve learned that I can make it through ANYTHING. As Paul states in Philippians 4:12, I’ve literally learned how to be abase and abound. Life and situations that you face will teach you this. Praise God for the bumping of heads. Can you even imagine life with no upheavals? No hardships? I can’t. A good bruise in life is like the scares on your hardwood floors. They both give character.

So today welcome the bumping of the heads. Stand tall and strong on your morals and value. Allow your heart to help your mental and vice versa. Welcome let down. Don’t go into hiding. Don’t resist it. Press through it all. Going through the fire isn’t all that bad. If you can believe that the three Hebrew boys came out not burned. Smoke free. How much more greater shall you come forward? Plus don’t you want to be tried like gold? Can you imagine buying gold that hasn’t been tried? 😳😳😳😳. Some people do but we not talking about those people here.

I have a friend guy that sleeps in his gold necklace and bracelets. Has for years. What if they weren’t pure gold? My Lord his body would be plagued with fungus. 🤮🤮🤮. Now do an analogy to you and your life not being tried just like gold not being tried. You’d be a mess. Moral of the story is we can withstand the fire. I promise you. The bumps on the head are so worth it. Learn to count it all JOY. Be encouraged on today my friends. 🥰🥰🥰


Letting it go

Life happens right? Well that being the case let it go and move on. Right? Well what if that’s not the right thing to do? What if you’re not suppose to move on and let it go? Should you fight for what you want and if so for how long? Can situations change? Can people change? Can YOU change? Let’s talk about it.

I’ve not blogged in about a week because guess what? Life has been happening. I’ve had decisions to make. I’ve had to do things and say things. I dont know if I’ve made the right decisions but I’ve made them and I’ve decided to move forward. But what does moving forward really look like? What does it feel like? For me I still think about my decisions. I still feel some kind of way behind the decisions I’ve made. So what does that mean? Does it mean I made a mistake? I dont know the answers to these questions so I’m blogging in hopes of getting feed back from you, the reader.

I’m here to speak and share my truth. I’ve been taught that you make a decision you deal with it and suffer the consequences and move forward. However after 40 something years of living I dont know if that’s the correct way. My counselor tells me to live within my emotions. For example if I’m feeling scared or sad or depressed or whatever she told me to take time and feel each of those emotions. So since I’m paying I’m trying my hardest to follow her lead. So what does it feel like to live in the emotion of sadness? I can tell you that it doesn’t feel good. I ask myself why are you doing this? My answer is because my counselor told me to. And I’m thinking if my way hasn’t worked all these years why not try her way. However how do I even know that my way wasn’t working? So many questions huh?

Betrayal, how do you live in that emotion? What does that feel like? It hurts. It makes you see the person that betrayed you different. It almost or shall I say it makes you hate the betrayer. Is that a word, betrayer? When living in the emotions should it make you feel hate towards someone or something? I mean I honestly don’t know so I’m seriously asking. Thought we were suppose to love everybody. Lol. No but serious. Perhaps the reason why I never lived in my feelings is because of the pain that you experience. For me it’s easier to just move on instead of basking in a particular pain.

Anyways talk to me. Tell me what you think about letting go. About living in your emotions. Dealings with hardship and upheavals. Talk to me. Should we or should we not let it go?

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