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How to Handle ‘You’re Overqualified’ in Interviews

So  what should you do if you’re credentialed with good experience and advanced  education, are looking to become re-employed and are even willing to take a  lower-level position? Here are a few tips:

Don’t  Be Tempted to “Dumb Down!”

This  strategy moves your career backward. You typically end up frustrated, not hired  or worse — you find a new job you can’t wait to move out of. Most employers  today actually want you working at your highest ability level since productivity  is key to everyone’s success. They also want to retain you past the many months  it takes to train you for the job, so you can begin to make a contribution to  the company.

Do Some Soul Searching and Savvy Preparation.

Acknowledge  that employers are reluctant to hire a person who is overqualified because they  think the person is unlikely to be happy, won’t stay long, might want the  interviewer’s job or may expect fast promotion. Remember that you can be  threatening to the interviewer, especially if you are truly suited for the  interviewer’s job! He may think you aren’t seriously interested in doing the job  for which you’re being hired — nor do employers want someone who’s burned out or  sees the job as an easy paycheck.

Examine  why you want the position. “I need a job!” is not a response that will endear  you to him. You must use your communication skills to convince him why a  demotion is a good option. You must create a reasonable explanation. Try  this:

“My  current position as Regional Sales Manager requires me to cover 14 states, and  the job had grown into 15 nights of travel per month. This has become an  increasingly difficult sacrifice for my family. I have decided to seek a major  accounts-rep position that allows me to focus on my strengths — selling,  sustaining top-notch client relationships and up-selling — but also allows me to  go home most evenings. This is not an option at my current job. It requires a  lot of out-of-town travel to do the job, which I am no longer willing to do. I  believe my extensive marketing and sales skills would greatly benefit your  organization in a positive way. I see this as a win/win situation for both of  us.”

Don’t  Show Desperation.

You  may feel it, but it will work against your getting hired if you show how frantic  you are to get a job. Too often an executive says, “I’ll start at any job just  to get my foot in the door.” That won’t work — it’s an outdated strategy. Being  willing to take any  job often makes the interviewer disqualify you. She needs a competent  person to perform the specific job she’s hiring for.

So,  you must show not only that you can do it but also that you want
to do
it. You can offer some advantages, gained from your experience, such
as: “My ability to solve problems and train others would be a major plus in the  position.” Many employers are slow to hire, yet pay well when they select
someone for the position, so patience is essential.

Look  Harder for Positions for Which You Are Qualified.

Employers  want a good fit and an individual who delivers results. Customize every cover letter you write and tweak your resume to match the
opportunity. Be sure to address the major needs required and demonstrate results  you’ve achieved in line with the level requested. A former CEO at a smaller  company might only be a midlevel executive at a larger organization, so be clear  as to how you’re leveraging past experience and leadership to help a potential  employer excel.

Networking  Is Key to Hearing About and Landing a New Job.

Ask  colleagues, friends, former employees, college alumni, and other contacts for  referrals to new people who can help you uncover unadvertised positions. An  introduction to a senior executive can open new doors and even create a job when  no advertised one was available. Department of Labor statistics reveal that 63  percent of all jobs last year were found through contacts, so network, network,  NETWORK!



I’m back. And I’m so sorry that I stayed away so long.

The Glass Ceiling, Interesting Article!

Breaking the glass ceiling

It was traditional thinking when women were not given a chance to reach the top positions because of family related issues and responsibilities. A women has to cater to her family needs hence contributing 80 hours per week does not seem possible for her and she would opt for a job with flexi timings. This nutshell thinking has given way in today’s world. The top positions are clutched by women who are willing to initiate a change in people’s outlook.

Either female were not given opportunities to reach the higher hierarchy thinking she wouldn’t be able to commit wholeheartedly or the women itself elected themselves to be better homemakers than commanders.

In April 2000, Indra Nooyi was promoted as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and President of PepsiCo. Indra had the rare distinction of being the highest-ranking Indian woman in the corporate world of America. She was also ranked by the fortune as one the most powerful women. Several other examples of successful women are Jayashree Vallal, Vice-President at Cisco Systems, and Radha Ramaswami Basu, CEO of These women have set an example at the cost of shrinking their personal life. They are career oriented but how many women are willing to take this plunge?

Women are great leaders. Women have more patience. They are more empathetic, and they are fantastic listeners. They are used to handling many things at one time. Hence we have seen an increase in the number of women CEO’s. The number is definitely not equivalent to the number of male CEO’s and will it ever reach that level is the question?

-Arti Bakshi
“Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional

President Dances With A Latino Last Night At The White House

Has anyone seen the clip of President Obama dancing last night with the Latin Lady at the  Latin Music Month Celebration that took place at the white house?  When he got to back to the table 1st Lady Michelle didn’t acknowledge him coming back to the table.  She just kept chair dancing.

Ladies was she shoving him off or was this nothing?

Ladies please tell me your thoughts.

Tax Season 2010

Ok as you all know I’ve started my own Tax Company, SAP Taxes.  I’ve been doing taxes now for 12 years.  It has ALWAYS been my dream to have my own tax company.  And now the Lord has allowed that to happen for me.  Within my company I will be able to do all tax returns to include business and state returns.  I will also be able to offer bank products just in case you don’t have the money up front to pay me.  The bank products that I will offer will be the Refund Anticipation Loan also known as the RAL and the Refund Anticipation Check also known as the RAC.  The difference in the two products is that the RAL is processed and you should get your money with 48 hours.  The RAC is the product that takes two weeks.  Both of these products can be directly deposited into your checking and/or savings account.  Both of these products are also loans.  Understand that when you get your money back in two days the bank is lending you your refund until the IRS processes your return.   It normally takes two weeks for the IRS to process your return thus the reason for the RAL.  Now what the bank does is scan your name and social security number against this database and if you don’t have any outstanding debt then they will process your RAL.  If they see a debt out there then they will deny your RAL and automatically turn your RAL into a RAC.  The RAC takes two weeks which is the same amount of time that the IRS takes to process your money.  So when the IRS releases your money to the bank they the bank will then release your money to you.

So you say why pay the extra cost for the RAC when it takes the same amount of time as the IRS?  The answer to that question is that some people don’t have the money to cover the cost of the electronic filing so they opt to have all the fees taken out of their return.

Tax season can be a very stressful time of the year for some because they don’t fully understand what they are doing.  And that is why SAP Taxes is in place.  I will be your tax expert if you allow me.  I have the experience.  I’ve worked for H&R Block for 5 years,  I’ve worked for Liberty Taxes for 5 years, and I worked for an independent tax company for the pass two years.  I’ve seen just about every tax situation that can exist.  I’ve worked with clients that have been audited.  I’ve helped people reduced their taxable income, and I’ve shown people how to maximize their returns.  Whatever the case maybe I’m sure that SAP Taxes can help you with your situation.

And keep your eyes and ears open.  SAP Taxes will also be around throughout the whole tax year to help you with your book keeping and your payroll issues as well.  Upon completion of my CPA I will be a full service accounting shop for many.  With all of this in mind please make sure that you get with me with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

You can reach me via cellular at 972.569.7938 or via email

It’s been a minute but I’m back!

Hello syberspace, friends, and family.  I know I’ve been gone for a while.  But I’m back (hopefully).  Just to let you know what I’ve been doing; I’ve been working, working out with a personal trainer, going to school, and raising my last two kids.  My oh my I’m tired but I must keep going.  And so must you.  We all get tired here and there but please don’t lose focus.  There is nothing wrong with being tired.  But there is something wrong with giving up. 

When you are feeling like you are tired and ready to give up just take a deep breathe and re-focus.    For if you don’t and you lose focus you will regret it later on.  Take your time and have a plan.  Write it down and make it clear.   Make it realistic so that you don’t get discouraged along the way.  But make it challenging enough that you will have to work to accomplish it.  You don’t really want it to be easy.  You may think that you do but you really don’t!

When you look back you want to see your work and how it was manifested.  You know, you want to be proud of what you’ve done.  So stay encouraged, work hard, and plan.  You know the good book says that “we parish because a lack of vision”.  Let’s not parish.  Lets have a vision and make it clear. 

Let me know what you are thinking.  Reach back out to me. 

Make this week an awesome week!  We are almost done!!!!

Lets Talk

A Soror of mine posted this link today on Facebook.

And since this has been said to me on several occasions I want to have an open discussion in regards to what you, my readers, think of this!!!  So lets read the article together today and discuss it throughout the remaining of the week!

The blogger is such a sweet person for not wanting to hurt other people feelings.  However in this blog we are going to be out and open and we won’t care who feelings are hurt!  So put your feelings way below your shoulder area.  We are all grown so lets talk about the subject and not at each other when you leave your comments.

Remember I told you I would never cite something without letting you know where I get it from.  I also told you that this is my blog and that I will speak from me, San!!!

Ok go read the article and leave your comments please!

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