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More on Networking!!!!!

The winter holidays are a networker’s paradise! November and December are prime season for planting yourself on decision makers’ radar screens and nurturing relationships. It’s a wonderland of fresh prospects and a harvest of contact renewals to connect with key players in your industry. The many corporate events, social occasions, and community celebrations offer myriad opportunities to establish connections, strengthen ties, invigorate relationships, and share ideas.


Maximize Your Face Time

Almost any neighborhood, family, or business gathering may produce a conversation with someone who has information you can mine unobtrusively for leads to new career challenges for yourself and those you know – reasons for more networking!


With so many venues to choose from, be sure to attend the ones where you’re most likely to reach your networking goals: a high probability for face time with individuals who should know about your potential value proposition, unique talents, and interest in taking on new challenges. These encounters could be your big break to chat with current or former employees at your target companies, exchange business cards with an industry leader, or arrange a future meeting with someone difficult to reach.


Prepare Your Pitch

Want to enhance your networking efficiency to generate even better results? Prepare thoroughly in advance! Before you attend an event, prepare a mental list of questions you could be asked and have well thought-out and concise responses ready.

Be prepared to make clear, compelling points that will attract attention, pique curiosity, and put you top of mind. Your delivery has to be memorable to overcome the event’s interruptions and to compensate for a lack of privacy.


Network Comfortably

To further increase your networking effectiveness, focus your efforts on gatherings where you will feel most comfortable and will be able to put your best foot forward. Avoid situations where you might be stressed, rushed, or otherwise distracted from your networking mission. You want to have meaningful conversations that leave a positive impression while picking up insider-only knowledge. Keep in mind networking isn’t just about you and the connections you make. Part of your goal should be to connect those you know to each other.


Remember, the most important thing is to stay focused. You’ll need to be alert and attuned to reap the full benefits of networking purposefully. Don’t overindulge in food or beverages. Conduct yourself professionally at all times.


The ROI is simple: just one meaningful dialogue creates measurable value from every networking event. It’s the quality not the quantity of the relationships you develop that’s important.

Happy holidays and happy networking!



Do you blog?  If so what about?  How often do you blog?  Do you have a blog page for every particular industry/topic that you blog about? 

These are questions that are asked by people that are thinking/interested in blogging.  Different people will tell you different answers to these questions as well.  However I will tell you based on my experience and research it is very important that once you begin to blog that you keep it up.  It’s vital that once you put your blog out there and get attention that you keep it updated and free from grammar errors. 

I don’t think that in order to have a successful blog that you have to ONLY blog about one particular topic.  However if you have a professional blog that is directly pertaining to your professional business then it is in your best interest to blog only about your professional business.

Blogging is very theraputic.  However it can be very educational, inspirational, and you can tell about your own professional interest as well.  The main thing about blogging is simply start!  Waiting for this or that is simply not wise.  So begin to blog.   Start blogging and adjust accordingly.  Your blog site should give you some stats as to how many people are coming by regardless to if they are leaving comments.  So for example if after a week or two you are not getting any activity it may be wise or in your best interest to try something else unless you are blogging on your professional topic.  Surely you would want to give it more then a 2 week minimum.  

So the key is to begin some where.  So go ahead start blogging, why not!!

Sandra Parks

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