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Good Signs That The Interview Went Well!!!

I read this today and I wanted to share with you;

Job Interview Good Signs: Signs That Your Interview Went Well

Here are the signs:
1. The interviewer acts interested (sits erect), polite, listens carefully, asks good questions and the discussion goes smoothly.

2. The job interview lasts more than the scheduled time. Say – more than 30 minutes.

3. You are introduced to the other team members.

4. The interviewer spends time answering your questions. He or she tells you many details about the job duties, responsibilities, company culture, workplace environment etc. – he “sells” the position to you..

5. The interviewer asks for your references.

6. He or she does not answer phone calls during your interview.

7. The interviewer asks about your availability – when could you start?

8. Your salary expectations are asked and discussed.

9. They say that they are going to call you soon.

10. You can read in the interviewer’s eyes that he really liked your answers.

11. The interviewer schedules the next interview right after the job interview – they really do their best to interview you a second time.

12.The interviewer similes when shaking your hand and gives you his business card telling you to call his cell phone for any question.

Now, could you tell if your interview went well?
Though it sometimes tough, try to differentiate between the ‘promising signs’ and the ‘warning signs’ to strengthen your self confidence.



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