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President Dances With A Latino Last Night At The White House

Has anyone seen the clip of President Obama dancing last night with the Latin Lady at the  Latin Music Month Celebration that took place at the white house?  When he got to back to the table 1st Lady Michelle didn’t acknowledge him coming back to the table.  She just kept chair dancing.

Ladies was she shoving him off or was this nothing?

Ladies please tell me your thoughts.


Check Out These Ladies That Are Really Making Things Happen!!!!

My Soror Andrea is blogging at;

A young lady that truly has a testimony has a beautiful website and has wonderful things going on at;

My Soror Talisa is doing her thing all over the place at;

My Girl Thai, Owner of Koffee Day Spa is at;

Soror Bretney is at;

Ok I just met a cool young lady and her name is Andrea Patrick check her out at these locations;

@butterflymktg – twitter
“Butterfly Marketing group” on Facebook fan page
Andrea Patrick (in Linkedin)

And how can I forget my mentor Maura Garber;

Check out these FABulous ladies and all that they are doing!!!  And there is more to come!!!!

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