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Word of The Day

Here is your word of the day.  Enjoy and learn.






1. Departing from the straight or the usual way.
2. Sneaky; underhanded.


From Latin devius (out of the way), from de- (out of) + via (way). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wegh- (to go or to transport in a vehicle) that resulted in words such as deviate, way, weight, wagon, vogue, vehicle, vector, envoy, and trivial.


“Life has a devious way of hiding the edge of the cliff.”
Ed Stephens Jr.; Sun! Sand! Co-payments! Saipan Tribune (North Mariana Islands); Aug 28, 2009.

“With John Jowett, he’s laid bare British politicians’ and lobbyists’ devious, sneaky, Machiavellian manoeuvrings in a comedy that may leave audiences wondering if this kind of farce goes on closer to home.”



OK are you ready to learn new, fun, and exciting words???  Today’s word is as follows;

brachylogy (bra-KIL-uh-jee) noun

  Conciseness of diction or an instance of such.

[From Medieval Latin brachylogia, from Greek brakhulogi, brakhu-,
brachy- (short) + -logy, from logos (word).]

-Anu Garg (words at

  “The term for the omission of words that are intended to be ‘understood’ by the reader is ellipsis. Its extreme or irregular form has a name in Greek rhetoric: brachylogy, relying on the listener to supply the missing   words, much as I relied on the reader to put a verb in the sentence fragment ‘A profound question, that.'”
  William Safire; Microwave of the Future; The New York Times; Oct 7, 1990.

Ok now please leave comments here using this word in a sentence.  I sure hope you enjoy this little exercise.


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