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I knew this was going to happen, SMH!!!!

Just when you thought you’d have to wait till March of 2010 for the ‘King of the South’ to make his return, think again.

T.I.’s release date from prison is March 23 but rumors were swirling Tuesday that the king was already out of the bing and had quietly retreated to his Atlanta home.

The speculation was cleared however after a prison official told The Atlanta Journal Constitution that while TIP is still locked up, he could be out very shortly.

Bureau of Prisons spokesman Edmond Ross told the AJC that it was customary for an inmate to transition from prison to freedom by spending time in a halfway house if there is no danger to the community and if there is space at a facility near where he lives.

He also told the publication,

“Usually that process begins when there are 18 months remaining on a sentence, but in this case it would have to start sooner. It’s not uncommon for inmates to be placed in community corrections for the last portion of their confinement to help with his transition.”

Ross also mentioned to the AJC that TIP could serve the final month of his sentence out of the halfway house and in his home in Atlanta.

Wow! Talk about good lawyers….or maybe it’s just good behavior…..or maybe it’s just good money.

Either way, get ready…The king’s baaack!



As promised here is your word of the day.  Enjoy and don’t forget to use the word daily in your every day conversation and also leave a sentence.  Thanks

balbriggan (bal-BRIG-uhn) noun

  A knitted, unbleached cotton fabric, used in hosiery and underwear.

[After Balbriggan, a town near Dublin in Ireland, where it was first made.]

Word Of The Day

Good Morning,

Please start checking out my blog starting tomorrow and participate in The Word Of The Day!!!!  Every week day I will post a word of the day.  I will give its definition and use it in a sentence.  Please join in with me and increase your vocabulary by leaving a sentence on this blog using the word that was posted for that day!!! 

It should be fun and educational!!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!

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