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ATLANTA (AP) — Movie producer Tyler Perry says his mother, Willie Maxine Perry, has died.

His mother was 64. Tyler Perry announced the news of the Tuesday death on his Web site, where he thanked fans for their prayers. He did not say where his mother died or anything about the cause.

Perry’s publicist did not immediately respond to a phone call.

Year in Review: In Memoriam 2009

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted a 2006 interview with Perry in which he said his mother was the basis for his most popular character, Madea.

The newspaper said Maxine Perry was a preschool teacher who worked at the New Orleans Jewish Community Center for most of her life.




How are you out there?  I’ve not gossiped in a minute so let me give you some today.  Stay tunned for some HAWT topics and conversations!!!!!!

But first on the list is Precious the Movie.  Who saw it?  What did you think of it?  How did it make you feel?  Did you want to beat the mess out of Monique?  When will you see if it you haven’t already seen it?  Where did you see Precious?  Did you travel outside of your local city to see it?

Come on leave me comments and tell me what you thought of the movie!!!  I don’t want to say too much before I hear from you all!!!



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