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30 Things I Love About Being Single Right Now

Back when I was in a relationship, there were a few things I missed about being a single girl. I had been in a great relationship with myself for two years and for all the pleasures of having a boyfriend, I also missed some parts of my former life. Now that I’m Jessica, Party of One, again, I think it’s time to revisit some of the single girl stuff I have to celebrate…

  1. I have the whole bed all to myself.
  2. No one makes a face when I bite my fingernails. (Although really, I should stop doing that.)
  3. I’m eating eating less meat because I barely ever cook it for myself.
  4. No one is scratching their balls and then touching the remote control/fridge door/pillows. At least, I don’t think anyone is.
  5. Lots of uninterrupted vibrator time.
  6. I don’t feel guilty about the smell when I paint my nails.
  7. Not washing anyone else’s laundry or dishes!
  8. I don’t have to worry about being cheated on because there is no one to cheat!
  9. When I wear sweatpants to bed, no one complains about it.
  10. The Millionaire Matchmaker” can play for an entire hour without anyone whining.
  11. Who cares how hairy my legs and armpits are? Not me.
  12. I’m the only one using my expensive shampoo and conditioner.
  13. I made out with a cute guy on a date last week and I really like him!
  14. No more roommates I don’t get along with.
  15. I feel more kinship with other single women — Frisky staff what what!
  16. I’ve seen more of my sisters, my nieces, my nephew and my parents than I have in the whole two years that I was in a relationship.
  17. I can blog about whatever I want regarding my personal life and no one will ask me to explain it later.
  18. Weekends are for me and my family, not anyone else’s.
  19. The next time I go to the movies, I’m almost decidedly seeing a chick flick.
  20. I wake up when my alarm clock goes off without someone pressuring me to hit snooze and give them a little somethin’-somethin’.
  21. Lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm actually stay on my lips now.
  22. Spending about half as much on coffee, seeing as I’m not offernig to buy it for someone all the time.
  23. Sleeping with my childhood teddy bear again … without shame.
  24. Don’t have to share the iPad (or as we used to call it, “the baby”) with anyone.
  25. Flirting without guilt.
  26. My parents’ dog doesn’t have anyone to embarrass me in front of by trying to hump his leg.
  27. Deepening friendships and making new friends with all my free time.
  28. I don’t have to shower as much.
  29. No one has asked me why I need so many shoes, clothes, books, magazines, or TV shows in the TiVo queue. I just do, OK?

Let’s Help Support Each Other

1.  Company Name: F2B

What I Do: Couture Online Boutique for sizes 12-24

Website: under construction , will be unveiled January 2010

Areas to be served: National/International

2.  Company name: VISIONS

Visions is a Public Relations ,Marketing and Event Management business. I work with individuals, small businesses and corporations. I utilize strategic campaigns,image development,and consultation to promote and present their goods and services .I specialize in sports and entertainment but no job is too big or too small


Areas served: USA


3.  Company name: Exceed Resources

What you do (in 20 words or less): Personal development, career success workshops and career coaching — helping you experience greater success in work and life.


Areas served: Dallas-based, national and international clients

Facebook fan site:

Twitter: exceedlearning

4.  Company name: Liberty Travel Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL
What you do: Make travel dreams come true. I plan upscale vacations all around the world. My specialities are Hawaii, Carribean, Mexico, Honeymoons/Destination Weddings, Family and Group vacations.

5.  Company Name: Cake And A Prayer ( ) ,

We offer products and gifts that allow spiritually-minded women to experience and share the power of C.A.K.E. (Compassion, Appreciation, Kindness and Encouragement). Our products include delectable pound cakes, 100% natural soy candles, and C.A.K.E. inspired apparel beautifully packaged in ur signature cake box. 96% of our customers surveyed said it is the most “unique gift” they have ever received. 2 to 3 day shipping available to anywhere in the U.S. Become a facebook fan and take advantage of special offers.

Email: or

6.  Company name: Aerobics, Yoga & More Fitness and Dance Studios

What we do: We offer group and individual Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Kickbox and Dance at our studio and to corporate clients onsite.

Websites: &

Areas served: Atlanta

Facebook fan site:


7.  Company Name: Acupuncture Works
As a licensed acupuncturist, I provide acupuncture treatments to help relieve such conditions as infertility, digestive problems, and pain.
Areas served: Greater Atlanta
Facebook Fan Site:

8.  Company Name: Soulfully Speaking (Photography and Poetry)

What I do: Photography – Portraiture (individual, engagement, maternity, baby, family, etc), Weddings, Events, Products, Digital Photo Albums, DVD Slideshows

What I do: Author, Poet

Websites: and

Blog Site:

Areas Served: Based in Washington, DC Metro Area, but will travel

Contact me:

Facebook Fan Site:

9.  Company name: MLE Realty & Property Management, Inc
What you do (in 20 words or less): Assists buyers, sellers, investors, and renters in attaining property in the Memphis metropolitan area.
Areas served: Memphis metropolitan area
Facebook fan site:

10.  *Company Name*
Mary Kay, Inc.

Independent Beauty Consultant

*What I Do*
Enrich the lives of women by helping them discover how to let their true inner beauty shine through!



*Areas Served*
Based in Metro-Detroit, MI — but, currently service clients world-wide;

>>Be sure to contact me if you’re interested in Mary Kay products and/or creating a business opportunity for yourself!

11.  Company name: Vizion Group LLC
What you do (in 20 words or less): We help small businesses and non-profit organizations fulfill their missions. We offer Organization and Financial development and training.
Areas served – Nationwide

12.  Company name: SAP Taxes
What we do: We professionally prepare income taxes for individuals, small business, HOAs, and S Corps
Areas served: USA and the US Army world wide

13.  Company name:, LLC

What you do (in 20 words or less): Online store that offers products of comfort for pre and postnatal women


Areas served: All of U.S.

Facebook fan site:

Twitter: bbuttonboutique

14.  Company Name: NAMC Services, Inc.

What I do: Electronic Medical Records training and consulting


Areas Served: USA

15.  We are a full service Real Estate Company. WhiteHawk Larson Realty
Commercial Sales and Leasing
Residential Sales and Leasing
Short Sales Specialist, Foreclosure sales, REO( Bank Owned)
Loan Modification

If you are in a mortgage call your lender and ask to be considered for President Obama’s HAP program. If you need assistance or know of someone who may let us know. Our clients are getting their rates reduced and payments lowered. Call for more details. Visit our website for more information or you can call me at 469-628-4542.

17.  Company Name: B Joy S, Incorporated

What I do: Business/Leadership Development, Grant Writing, Team Building and Personal Development Strategy

Website: Coming Soon!

Areas Served: USA

Facebook Fan site: B Joy S, Incorporated

Twitter: Bjoys

18.  Company Name: Suddenlink Media
What I do: Cable TV advertising sales and marketing on cable networks, i.e. BET, Lifetime, USA, CNN, ESPN…..etc
Area Served: MS, ARK, LA, TX and others

19.  Company Name: CAREER Event Pros
What I do: Produce & Execute professional Career & Business Networking Events and Career Expos. We promote career advancement opportunities and resources.
Website: (revamped 01/01/2010)
Twitter: CareerEventPros
Areas Served: Atlanta

20.  Company Name: Blueprint for Style

What I Do: Blueprint for Style is an Image Consulting & Personal Styling company. We work with individuals to develop their own personal style and image fundamentals; and we work with business on Image & Style Management training


Areas Served: USA


Twitter: Blueprint4Style

21.  Company Name: Melange Coffee

What I Do: Independent distributor with Organo Gold and we sell Gourmet coffees, green tea and hot chocolate infused with Ganoderma. We also offer ganoderma nutraceuticals.


Areas Served: USA, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Peru, China, Phillipines, Chile, Mexico


Twitter: adansmith

22.   Company name: Harper & Harper Creative Group, LLC

We create cost-effective and memorable campaigns with branded promotional products. Custom Imprints, Branded Apparel, Executive Gifts, Tradeshow Giveaways and more!


Areas served: All of U.S. & Internationally

Facebook fan site: Harper & Harper Creative Group

23.  Company Name: C & S Webb

What We Do: We are an eMerchandising company founded in November 2007. We provide the quality specialty products. We sell to customers, businesses and provide products to groups & churches for fundraising.


Areas Served: National and International

Facebook Fan site:


24.  Company Name: Z. Hall Literary Agency

What I Do: Find publishing deals for writers. Establish long-term relationships with writers and help them develop their careers.



Areas Served: National and International


25.  Company name: Scribe, Etc.
What you do: Scribe, Etc. is a business consulting, marketing / corporate communications and author services firm. We help businesses be better communicators; we help authors to become author-entrepreneurs.
Website 1: (Business / Marketing Services)
Website 2: (Independent Author Services)
Areas served: Worldwide

26.  I’d like to introduce you to FinePoint Communications, LLC. Founded about a year ago, my company specializes in brand and message development, especially for entrepreneurial and mid-sized businesses. In addition, I offer a full range of corporate marketing and communications services, leveraging my many years of Fortune 500 communications experience.

Read more about us at . You can also contact me directly at 571.432.6075, or via email at


I serve all of the U.S.

28.  Company name: Green2Wealthy
What you do (in 20 words or less): PART TIME- I am both a home based business consultant and an Independent Marketing representative for a wellness company promoting toxic free products.
Website: &
Areas served: USA; however, currently focusing on Northwest, IN; Mokena, New Lenox, Dupage County, Il

29.  Company Name: Professional Ladders

What I do: Resume Reviews,Critiques, and Development

Website: Coming Soon! Email Address :

Areas Served: USA

Please stay connected to this blog.    There will be more added.  Also if  you are interested in show casing your company and/or talent please leave me a message with your information formatted just like these listed her.  Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEARS to all.

The Glass Ceiling, Interesting Article!

Breaking the glass ceiling

It was traditional thinking when women were not given a chance to reach the top positions because of family related issues and responsibilities. A women has to cater to her family needs hence contributing 80 hours per week does not seem possible for her and she would opt for a job with flexi timings. This nutshell thinking has given way in today’s world. The top positions are clutched by women who are willing to initiate a change in people’s outlook.

Either female were not given opportunities to reach the higher hierarchy thinking she wouldn’t be able to commit wholeheartedly or the women itself elected themselves to be better homemakers than commanders.

In April 2000, Indra Nooyi was promoted as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and President of PepsiCo. Indra had the rare distinction of being the highest-ranking Indian woman in the corporate world of America. She was also ranked by the fortune as one the most powerful women. Several other examples of successful women are Jayashree Vallal, Vice-President at Cisco Systems, and Radha Ramaswami Basu, CEO of These women have set an example at the cost of shrinking their personal life. They are career oriented but how many women are willing to take this plunge?

Women are great leaders. Women have more patience. They are more empathetic, and they are fantastic listeners. They are used to handling many things at one time. Hence we have seen an increase in the number of women CEO’s. The number is definitely not equivalent to the number of male CEO’s and will it ever reach that level is the question?

-Arti Bakshi
“Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional

Why You’re Still Unemployed One Year Later

The one-year anniversary of unemployment is rarely a cause for celebration.

Every day I hear from executives — top men and women in their fields — who are going through extended unemployment. They have not had a bite … even a nibble.

Some of these people have had freelance or consulting assignments. Others dabbled with the idea of “reinventing” themselves. The plain truth is: The higher up the ladder you are, the longer it seems it takes to find work — much more so during a recession.

Unemployment and underemployment for top-paid executives is a sign of the times.  As a “jobconomist, ” I see it staying this way through 2010. 

The prolonged pain of this recession makes those unemployed for a year or more even more depressed.

Executives who are unemployed for such an extended term become understandably frustrated. Then that frustration turns into depression, and depression becomes bitterness. You begin second-guessing, questioning everything about yourself and your efforts to find work.

That’s the beginning of the cycle. Who wants to hire a depressed executive?

If you fit this description and are feeling hopeless, let me tell you it is possible to break this cycle of rejection.  

You can turn your fate around in your favor and get more interviews and eventually land inspiring, challenging jobs.

Stop blaming your tools

Have you ever noticed how $100K+ executives always blame their “resumes” for lack of interviews? Most of these same people have paid to have their resumes professionally prepared.

But it’s not them.

After their resumes, what’s the next excuse of these executives? Come on, you know: age…followed by money … the very fact that you were making $100K+. These are your (former) excuses.

It’s not them, it’s you

These are all excuses for what the real problem may be: you — and your attitude .

Your legitimately depressed emotional state has permeated everything you touch. Even the way you have crafted your resume or let it be crafted.

The way you network, the way you interview. After one year of being unemployed, you have bought in to the defeatist attitude. The only thing worse than being unemployed for more than a year is to be the spouse or partner of the person who has been unemployed.

When you have been unemployed for one year or more, the change will only come when you are willing to admit that you are helpless to find a job.

Once you face the fact that there is something about you that is holding you back from finding work, you can move forward with a new plan of action and a changed attitude. 

Keyword: attitude.

Here are my recommendations for positive change if you’re in the One-Year-Unemployed club:

Step 1: Admit you have a real problem finding a job.

Do not blame the resume; do not blame your age, past salary or the economy. Blame your attitude.

Step 2: Work to change that attitude.

Step 3: Work harder.

That means sacrifice and re-engineer your thinking process. No vacations. You should not be rewarding yourself for not finding work. Just the opposite.

 Step 4: Change your bitter attitude.

Eliminative negative vocabulary words like: “Just spinning my wheels,” “I am too old or experienced for this,” “I cannot take a job for less than ___,” or “I require this salary.”

Step 5: Stop blaming the resume.

Blame yourself. You own that document. Consider your resume, no matter who did it, only a “template.” Tweak that resume yourself to suit each job you pursue.

Step 6 : Look in the mirror:

Do you  look  like you are worth the $100K+ income you require.  Shallow but true. 

Do you need a Crest Whitestrips smile? What do those teeth look like? Men: Do you have inappropriate facial hair you could get away with when you were making $100K+ but can’t now?

Hair color? Clothes? Handshake? Look like a million dollars, and you can get a million dollars. Shallow, yes. …What happened to credentials? Working hard and all that? Well, you tell me! You’re the one that has been unemployed for at least a year. I am directing you as if you were in unemployed rehab. The “Betty Ford” of the unemployed. Re-engineer what you are thinking. 

Step 7 : Stop leaning or your spouse or partner.

No whining or complaining. Talk very little about your job search, and when you do, bring up only the positive aspects of what you have gone through each day. Your spouse or partner is supporting you.

OK. Got it? Now, you haven’t died. Erase that old anniversary date. That was actually a new start. Try it again. A fresh attitude, a fresh start is what we all need. Go ahead and make this Day One…all over again.

Let me know what you think.

Stephen Viscusi is the host of the upcoming TV show “The Headhunter From Hell.”
Stephen is the founder of www.bulletprrofyourresume and the author of the HarperCollins book “Bulletproof Your Job” published in nine languages. You can write Stephen at

Today I Cried

Today I cried.  It felt so good.  I needed that.  I had been holding so much in the inside trying to be so strong for everyone else.  But today I broke down.  So many emotions and feelings.  Some were of anger, pain, hurt, feelings of betrayal, loneliness, happiness, thankfulness to mention a few.  I can’t really tell you everything that I was feeling.  But I know I was able to vent to Soror Nedra.  My oh my you talking about  “we help each other for we know there’s no other like our sisterhood” that is what sisters are for.  I so appreciate her for just lending me her ear for a few minutes.  Sometimes thats all it takes is a few minutes.

Then my cousin Nikki texted me and I was able to really just tell it all to her since she knows everything.  And it was as if I was in the counselors chair.  I just poured it all out.  And then came the tears.  I tried to hold my head up and not make a sound because I didn’t want my boys to hear me.  But it just came out.  I had no control.  I don’t know if you have ever been in the spirit and tried to come out and you couldn’t.  Well that is what happen to me today.  I so needed that.  Because I’ve not been to therapy in almost a year now. 

Sometimes keeping yourself busy to not focus on your problems doesn’t work.  And I know for me I have to be strong for so many that I have to put myself off often times.  But how many of us know that you MUST take care of yourself before you can take care of others.  Thus the reason why the flight attendants tell you to put your mask on before you help your child or anyone else.

I don’t celebrate holidays.  However Thanksgiving is just one of those days that I think you are just supposed to be surrounded by loves ones.  It’s such an emotional day for me.  And this morning something so strong came over me.  It was so overwhelming.  But again I thank the Lord on today for just placing someone in my life that allowed me to vent. 

I don’t know about you but my battles start in my mind.  That is where the devil tries to get the best of me.  But how many of you know that he is defeated on today?  He doesn’t have the victory over my mind nor my body nor my soul.  But Jesus made a way of escape for me today just as he promised.  You know I love me some Jesus.  I really do.  I can’t tell you all that he’s done for me because I would be writing for days.  But when I tell you that he is a healer, that he is a friend, that he is a life line, that he is a keeper, that he is long-suffering, that he is patient, but also he chastises me as well.  And I appreciate him for that alone.  I thank him for getting on to me when I’m out of line.  I thank him that I have an ear to hear when he is getting on to me.

You know I have so much to be thankful for on today.  Not because its Thanksgiving but because when I didn’t want to live any more he told me that “THIS IS NOT UNTIL MY DEATH” when I wanted to just give up he wouldn’t allow me and because of that I’ve seen one child off to the US Army, I have one graduating next year and I’m raising my last one with love and patience as well.  I’m so glad that I’m still around to talk to them and tell that I love them and that I’m here for them.  I’m just so grateful on today.  Not only has he allowed me to raise my children; he has allowed me to be a positive force in so many youth today.  And for that I’m grateful as well.  My soul rejoices in him tonight.  I’m happy in Jesus tonight.  He has truly been a wonder in my soul!!!

Women and minority-owned businesses have opportunities with Super Bowl XLV

Hopefully this can help some woman!!!

The North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee has announced on its website that it will hold three workshops to help women and minority owned businesses learn how to pursue opportunities connected with the 2011 Super Bowl to be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.  The first workshop is scheduled for North Texas Super Bowl XLVTuesday October 27 from 2-5pm at the Amon Carter Exhibit Hall in Ft. Worth.  Subsequent workshops will be held in Arlington and Dallas.  According to the host committee website, at last year’s Super Bowl women and minority owned businesses were awarded over $4 million in contracts related to the event.

To find out more about the workshop visit the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee website.

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