Me & Music

My choice of music is gospel (old school) and jazz. However I can listen to most anything for a minute or two. I was driving home last week and heard this song and thought about Mista.

So I used this app on my phone, called Shazam, to see who it was. I just went to YouTube and watched the video and I think I like it. Now I need to go and find the lyrics. That’s how I determine if I really like a song, by the lyrics.

I love the voice of the singers. I loved the way they danced together and when he took HER glasses off it did something to me. I had never heard of Skip, the male singer but I’m familiar with the Marley family. Their voice is perpetual. Love it. Check out the song here,

Yes I believe I like this song!

I think I’ll buy me a turntable. A record player. I keep seeing them at Urban Outfitter. I wanted to buy it for someone else and didn’t so perhaps I’ll buy me one. Dance with myself in my bedroom. Hmmmmm, yeah I like the sound of that.


Good morning, I’ll be moving my site over under my own hosting. I pray this works. If you’d like to continue to get my post you’ll have to resubscribe. I pray you’ll join me. This is the message I received from WordPress, “Keep in mind that while your email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before, followers will only see new posts in the Reader. They will not receive email updates unless they subscribe to receive those on your new site. You might want to post a notice on your old site about your upcoming move to keep your readers informed.”

So I’m simply following directions. Please join me as I continue to grow and speak to my sisters all over the world. I would also love for the men to follow as well. I can’t believe how many men support, follow, and comment on my posts. I really appreciate them too. 🥰🥰

My site will still be and you can still reach me at Thanks in advance and I look forward to our continued conversations.

I know I’m not the only one….

I know I’m not the only person that buys tons of household items. I just know it. Okay let’s go back. I was raised by my granny and she kept a basement full of EVERYTHING, literally. Food, household items, towels, sheets, socks, barrettes, remember those?, baby dolls, rollers, you name it the overflow was in the basement. I’ve never had a house with a basement so I’ve always shopped like my grandmother but instead I used my laundry room, bathrooms, kitchen, and linen closet for storage. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️.

I have three babies. There was no way I was going to go to the store for things of that nature every week. Not to mention school supplies. So I always. I repeat always bought in bulk. Okay fast forward. All my babies are grown and I live by myself. I can’t stop buying in bulk.

Okay here are pictures of the laundry room. I can’t stand to see an empty space. So this picture tells me I need to go shopping. Can you guess for what item(s)?

One half of the shelf in the laundry room!
I see spaces….😡😡😡

Empty spaces gives me headaches but I’m trying to not do this anymore. Every time my babies come by they take stuff with them. I say no and no one listens. That bothers me. My oldest son says I’m a consumer. Well, perhaps! And.

I’m redoing my bathroom in my master and I don’t want to have a lot of clutter moving forward but who wants to run downstairs every so often to replenish? Upstairs under one of my sinks look like this.

So this is one side of the sink. The other side is all hair products!

I want to do better but I promise my head hurts when I’m not fully stocked. It’s like a safe haven for me. If you come to my house I may not have food for you. But you won’t need nothing else but your clothes. I have towels. Sheet sets. Tooth brushes and hair combs and any personal hygiene item you’ll ever need. Oh and plenty water.

My daughter tells me I’m OCD. I believe I’m Sandra, Pennie Merle Ficklin little Mini Me. I do think I need to do better but I’m sure I won’t.

Be honest. Who else has this problem? Do you want help or you’re good as is? As always be encouraged.


Every morning I try to drink at least four 16 FL.OZ of water at room temperature. I do this one to hydrate myself. You know the water you drink today is actually for your body tomorrow. I also do this to flush myself out daily. I shared a post about your urine color and I’m obsessed with my urine color. I love mine to be clear clear. I don’t like seeing any yellow. In my opinion yellow urine has a smell to it and I don’t like a scent coming from me unless it smells sweet. Also water helps my skin stay pretty and clear. It helps with my natural hair too. When I lay off my water I surely see the difference as well as I smell the difference.

Now the room temperature water is something I just like. I don’t know if it has any health benefits to it but I don’t like cold water nor do I like cold air. So I believe it’s just a personal preference. Throughout the day I try to drink as much water as possible. I’d say when I’m working I drink between 8-12 bottles of water a day. My weakness is the Starbucks Strawberry refresher. If I have that I normally never make it to the 12 bottles. So the goal is to stay away from Starbucks.

Thanks to life, and trust I’m not complaining, I’m not getting any younger. I have to be more diligent about taking care of myself. I even starting back lifting my weights again last Saturday. I’m starting back slowly. I’m doing three reps of various arm drills. Next week I’ll add in abs with hopes of starting back running and walking next month. Plus the weather is about to be beautiful and I have to be able to wear these new tennis dresses that I love to wear. That’s always a motivator for me.

What do you do as a daily morning ritual that helps start your day? List them below so I can see what I can add to mine. As always be encouraged.

Hotel Safety for the ladies!

Ladies I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels throughout my few years here on earth. Safety is very important to me. My personal safety of my life as well as my health. Hotels are one of the most germiest places you’ll ever visit. And yes I know “germiest” is NOT a word. How about hotels are a hosting place for germs. Yeah that’s better. So let me tell you my process when I stay at a hotel to protect myself.

The only thing I touch without cleaning is the hotel handle to the room door. After that it’s time to wipe down and cover things with plastic. Well I do put the latch across the door. So I do touch that and the lock to put the deadbolt on the door. Ladies you must use the extra layer of protection once you’re inside the room. It’s not enough to only use the deadbolt lock because maintenance, cleaners, and other hotel employees can come in at any time. A maintenance guy has come in my room before on me and it scared the dog mess out of me. So I learned from that one incident to protect my life with that extra latch up top.

Okay once you’ve secured yourself inside the hotel room you put your luggage on top of the desk. Never put your luggage on anything that has fabric on it. You cannot protect yourself from bedbugs. Don’t bring you own blanket or pillowslip. It won’t save you. Bedbugs spray doesn’t work either. However you can protect your luggage. Some even put their luggage in the tub or shower. I don’t. On top of the desk has never failed me. They have a luggage holder in the closets but to touch it makes my skin crawl so I don’t ever touch it.

After I put my luggage away, I begin to get out all my charging equipment and I begin to charge all my devices. Then I go set my bathroom up. I keep Lysol and bleach wipes with me. You use them to open the bathroom door, turn the light switch on and lift the toilet seat. Next you cover your toilet seat fully with tissue. You should never allow your naked skin to touch any part of the toilet. Periodt! Yes periodt! Never. If you run out of toilet tissue call down and request more. Do not, I repeat do not touch the hotel phone. Use your cell phone. If you must use the hotel room phone please wipe it down too. However you really shouldn’t. The knobs on the lamps must be wiped down as well. After you finish your toilet seat, place your hand towel across the sink. I do this so when I’m washing my face or brushing my teeth and lean up against the sink my naked skin won’t touch the sink. After you set out all your personal hygiene items in the order you’ll use them, plug up your tooth brush first so it’ll be fully charged when you need it. Wipe down the faucet handles after that. Don’t forget the shower. Never. I repeat never take a bath in the hotel. NEVER! I’ve stayed at five stars hotels and I’d never. The St. Regis is a beautiful hotel. Television in the mirror. Your own butler. Tub is absolutely beautiful. Nope no bathing for me. Only shower! I try my best to not touch the wall or the shower curtain either. That’s a no no for me. Absolutely no no.

After all that I take my clothes off. I use a wipe to open the sliding mirrors or door. I use a wet wipe to touch hangers. I hang my clothes up. I never. Never put my bare feet on the floor and or carpet. I have shower shoes for the shower. I didn’t mention but it’s a given that you never get in the shower without shower shoes. So I have flip flops for the hotel room. I also don’t sit on top of the blankets on the bed. You must know they don’t change the top cover daily. Just the fitted sheet and the top sheet. So I always pull back all the covers and sit on the fitted sheet. Your final safety precaution is that remote control. Ladies. Please don’t touch the remote control without placing the plastic from the ice bucket around the remote. Take the plastic bag out the ice bucket. Put your hand inside the bag and pick up the remote. Wrap the remote in the bag and tie a knot around it to secure it. Think about it, after people get through making out what’s the first thing they normally teach for? Yes you named it. The remote control. UGH, Sis don’t touch it. Don’t do it.

I forgot to mention the glasses. Now I know we all know they don’t clean the glasses in these hotel rooms. Bring your own or use the coffee cups that are wrapped in the plastic. And wipe down the microwave or cover your food up when you use it. Hmmmmm, what else? Well this about sums up my safety precautions that I take at every hotel I stay at, be it a three or five star hotel. I hope this helps you all.

Do you have some dos and donts that you’d like to share with me in regards to hotel safety? If so please comment below. Until my next post be encouraged and protect yourself when you’re out and about with your Mista at these nice hotels. They’re nice but they’re not clean.

My happiness is non-negotiable

So this rapper by the name of Plies is on Instagram as a comedian in my opinion. I never knew that he was a rapper till a friend guy told me. I think he’s funny most of the time.

The other day he was late for a flight and the gate agent tried to make him lose his cool. Per him, he says she went it. It’s possible that she’d have that reaction because gate agents sometimes get pushed around for a lack of a better way to describe what they can go through in the course of a days shift. What I like about the post though was when he said he told the gate agent, “no problem, I’ll go buy me a ticket on another airline because MY happiness is non-negotiable!” Now this is not verbatim but this is the message. What made me have a moment was the “my happiness is non-negotiable” that it’s right there. I’ve decided since last week that my happiness is non-negotiable. Thank you Plies. I needed to hear that.

I don’t know why sometimes we need to hear it from other people for it to register with us but it’s so true for me. Sometimes I know the best option all along but hearing it from someone else is like a slap in the face or being hit over the head, not literally, but you get it.

So for those of my loved ones or the folks that I care about that can rub me the wrong way or as they say, get under my skin, my happiness is non-negotiable. Oh and can I say that my nails are popping!!! 😘😘


To be honest

This is my sentiment totally. How do you love and or care about a person twenty plus years and just cut it off like it’s a light switch? That sounds silly to me. And why torture yourself pretending like the thrill is gone. Or like instantly or over night you don’t care any more. I just don’t believe that’s being honest. However I do agree, when a person wants their space that you have to give it to them. So in that case you have to just move on. I believe one knows in their heart when they must let go. After one has exhausted all their options there is nothing else to do but move on. Regardless to how painful it is. I saw this and said to myself, “my Lord, how fitting for me.” Discipline. Something I should know about.


My Love

I’m notorious for going to my note pad on my phone and writing a message. Just last week I penned one and I’m so glad I didn’t send it. I had begun to apologize for being me. How dumb is that? Well I just saw this message on Instagram and it like slap me right in the face. I’m not apologizing for the way I love. If you’re too foolish to receive it, it’s your problem not mine. Authentically ME!

2020 Message

Urine Colour & Health

Urine Colour & Health

Urine Colour & Health
— Read on

I have ALWAYS paid attention to my urine color and smell. My granny taught me years ago that a woman knows her body by the smell of her urine. Folks think I’m crazy. That’s okay. It’s apart of self care and loving me. Water is essential. I don’t know why bit I fell off my water intake here lately and it showed in my skin, my hair, and of course my urine.