• THIS

    Nothing else to say!

    Be Encouraged!

  • Healing

    One day at a time. Hour to hour. Minute to minute! Breathe!

    Be Encouraged Sis! You got this!

  • Todays Prompt

    What fears have you overcome and how?

    Water! I took swimming lessons!

    What about you?

  • Television

    Be having you thinking that LOVE really exist!

    Be Encouraged ladies!

  • I Love Love Music

  • Money

    Is it possible that money is your soulmate? How does money protect you over in the midnight hour? Or pray for you? Can money make love to you? Just asking, not judging. I like the part about stop forcing relationships.

    Be Encouraged Sis!

  • I love this song

    Makes me think of Sandra.

  • LMBO Literally!!!

    Listen to this……

  • Ukraine Tennis Players

    I think it’s so stupid that they won’t shake the Russian players hands. As if they could tell Putin to stop.

    Why don’t they just not play any tournaments with Russians?

    Just stupid! Now I’m praying that the Ukrainian tennis players don’t win.

    On another note, these two were beautiful and actually still are!

    Let’s not be stupid! Control what you can and always be a lady about it!

  • Candy

    I don’t know what happen, but I fell off AGAIN. I’m back to eating candy after almost a month. It’s like, UGH! How come I can’t beat this habit? It’s so frustrating.

    On a good note, we got some good rain here yesterday along with some HAIL….I was watching it as it was hitting my window. I begin to pray and ask the Lord to protect my house as well as my neighbors. Jesus will was done and all is well! I have some spots out in my backyard that my uncle just came over and treated last Thursday and the rain was a blessing for those two spots. My grass out front is looking good but still some big patches of weed, so he put the weed killer out again. I’m thinking my grass won’t be that pretty this year but we are prepping and praying for a beautiful yard next year for sure.

    I love that scripture. It’s so true and present in this time.

    Be Encouraged!